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Tree Service with a Smile

We all know that the natural beauty of trees is something to be treasured, but sometimes they can become a nuisance.

Sometimes trees grow too close to power lines or buildings and need to be removed.

Other times they're old and dying, causing damage around them as their roots break through sidewalks and driveways.

And then there are those times when you just want more light in your yard or more space for activities like gardening or playtime with the kids.

Whatever your situation may be, it's important not to take this problem lightly because there could be serious consequences if you don't handle tree removal properly!

Timber & Beyond Tree Service has provided tree care since 2017 by providing safe solutions at competitive rates with unparalleled customer service.

Our team has extensive experience removing large trees from small yards - even ones that have grown into an inconvenient location over time!

We take down those really big trees in those really tight, small backyards.

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Fully licensed and insured.

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About Us

Since 2017, Timber & Beyond Tree Service has been providing tree service in towns in Perry County as well as Carlisle and surrounding areas.

Our company has been a trusted provider of tree service for many homeowners.

We strive to earn our client's trust by making sure that they are always happy with the work we do for them.

Our crew consists of experienced climbers for trees that need to be taken down one limb at a time if the tree is a really tight spot or close to buildings.

Our ground crew is dedicated to cleaning up after taking down the tree, leaving your property neat and tidy.

We maintain a fleet of equipment; trucks, chippers and of course saws to ensure we are effective and efficient on the job.

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