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Tree Removal in Perry and Cumberland Counties

We are located in the Sherman's Dale, Pa and and serve towns and neighborhoods in both Perry County and Cumberland County.

We remove your problem trees so you don't have to. From fire-hazardous, power line blocking branches to overgrown hedges, call us for the best tree removal service in town so you can get back to business, or life!

Problem Tree Removal

Nobody likes a problem tree, but even more importantly nobody wants the hassle of removing problem trees let alone the safety hazards Our team members are experts at removing and trimming trees that pose hazardous threats to your property.

Our climbers have been trained to identify and safely remove problem trees. Whether it's a safety issue, an eyesore, or potential hazard—we've got you covered.

Tree Chipper Service

We are equipped with tree chippers and remove and chip trees for convenient tree removal. Or if you choose keep the tree for firewood, we simple cut the tree to the desired size for easy firewood processing.

Arborist removing a tree Shermans Dale, PA

Emergency Tree Removal

Whether you're unlucky enough for a tree to fall on your house or car, or want protection against that risk, Timber & Beyond Tree Service has the perfect solution. Contact us for emergency services if you need a tree removed fast.

Tree falling on house. Emergency tree removal is needed.
Cutting a tree after removal in Perry County PA
Final stages of tree removal in New Bloomfeild, PA
Chipping a tree removed from front yard in Marysville, Pa
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5105 Spring Rd
Shermans Dale PA 17090
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(717) 951-3705

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Tree Service you can trust in Shermans Dale, PA

We are a Tree Service company based in Shermans Dale, Pa and serve towns in Perry County, Cumberland County and surrounding areas.

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